Monday, November 30, 2015

Working to Get My Groove Back

Just wanted to pop in to say, HI! I've been so busy with life: appointments with the dentist, optometrist, a day at the courthouse(where the case was dismissed),spending time trying to get a group together about an issue going on in my community(I'll share more on the issue another time) and other communities in this state and a few other states(court dealt with this particular issue).  Dealing with all of these things and not to mention getting my middle daughter ready for her first high school dance performance,and making sure I'm at my youngest daughter's Beta Club Induction Ceremony, and I can't forget the four science projects that I've helped with and still helping with. With everything going on in my life right now(oh, yeah...I'm also waiting for a new heating and air unit to be put in), which I must admit is positively exciting, but it has kept me away from this blog for quite a bit and I'm really working to get my groove back. So, if you've actually have been reading my blog.....please......please....please....bear with me while I try to settle down a bit.

Thanks!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!