Monday, February 5, 2018

Living on the Edge

Here's where I'm keeping the first group of my starts/seedlings--my kitchen window. The window is only a temporary place until I can setup a grow box(hey, that's a future blog post). 

Natural sunlight isn't as abundant in the new house,and space is very limited, but I'm going to make it work and my plant babies will soak up every ray of sunshine possible. 

As you can see, many of the containers are covered with plastic wrap, or, is covered with a clear plastic lid. This is done to help speed up germination---look at that beautiful yellow pear tomato seedling(in the tall container), it has its third leaf! 

So far, everything is looking fairly well and seeing the first sprout really makes the gardening season feel real, and the countdown to spring begins!

Have you started your seedlings,yet, and, if so, what have you planted?

Take care and keep growing!

Shelly :)