Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Layering the Compost

yesterday I wanted to get outside to layer the compost bin, so I added a fresh layer of egg shells, some wilted mustard greens..last week my daughter added a bag of veggies and layer of leaves last week. So, it's my turn to add a few layers............

needed some soil, got at least three shovelfuls from the yard. The soil will add some earthworms to the compost bin.

The soil looks good, I probably could of covered the veggies a bit more, but I think this will do.

Last but not least, I topped off my layering with leaves and then lightly watered the top. 

I think the compost is looking nice, and I hope to increase my production of compost this year. Last year being my first year composting in a bin was a great learning experience for me--I still prefer having an open compost pile, but just didn't have the right space/area at our new house.

Do you prefer to compost in a bin, open pile or do you purchase your compost?

Keep Growing, Y'all😊

Monday, January 28, 2019

Time to Get Dirty

It feels so good to get my hands dirty again. After being sick for eight days with a cold and very bad sinus infection, I was bedridden for eight days and stuck in the house for 10 days, so when I finally ventured outside...the sunlight caught me off guard. It hurt my eyes, but I enjoyed every little ray that beamed on me. 

Now that I've caught up with things that have piled up in my life that my husband and kids couldn't get to because they were taking care of me and the household, I can finally get back to getting dirty and planning my garden. 

Before I sign off, I want to thank my family for taking such great care of me.  I love you guys!!!

Peace 😊