Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Raining.....WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

At this moment,I'm sitting at my computer trying to focus...but I can't. My mind keeps taking in that beautiful sound of rain outside of my window. All I can think about is climbing back into my bed with a good book,and falling back to sleep.  Seriously, I'm trying my hardest not to climb back into bed;I really need to get some cooking done. There are left overs,but being a family of seven,I always have to be a few cooking steps ahead of my family.

You know what,I'm going to leave this blog post incomplete and I"m going to enjoy the beautiful sounds of this rain shower. If it's not raining where you are and you want some natural relaxation click on the link below.
Sound of Rain is Natural Relaxation. My Rain Music enhances everything. | myRainMusic.com

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