Monday, September 17, 2012

Musical Monday and The Madison

I use to kill this when I was 12 years old;the original Hairspray was the best! I watched this movie so much in the summers of '88-'90 that the VHS tape. I thought the remake was cool,but it could never top the original. The original had a true quirkiness to it and I love quirky!  My children even love the original better than the remake....hey my 12 yr old daughter loves to quote, "there's no bugs on my baby!" 

Unfortunately  my "babies"(the plants) did have bugs on them,and were destroyed...but this clip is helping me a little.  I just might learn this whole dance once again.


  P.S. Do you prefer the original Hairspray or the remake?

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  1. oops....I watched the tape so much that the Vhs tape broke.