Friday, September 6, 2013

A Film For Friday

Locally Abundant is a film by two Canadian students named Ryan Oickle and Justin Cantafio,who decide to wwoof their way across Canada. You might be wondering what is WWOOFing?  WWOOFing stands for, World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms,and it's an opportunity for an adventurous person to see the world,and learn about sustainable living practices while volunteering on small organic farms.

 This film was actually an expansion of a school project the guys were working on and they decided to capture their journey on camera. If you want to learn more about WWOOFing or sign up to volunteer then go to or .

 I really enjoyed seeing the magnificent scenery that Canada has to offer and this amazing journey the filmmakers took!!!

Would you ever WWOOF? Why or Why not?

Peace and Love,

Shelly :)

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