Monday, April 7, 2014

Great Parody

Who knew that's what it took to grow long natural hair? LOL!!!
When you decide to go natural......well, let me say.....when I decided to go natural, I knew this would be a journey and I'd enjoy every step of this journey. Now don't get me wrong, there were some difficult times for me because I've been natural for 14 years now and the movement wasn't this big. Back then it was either you're growing locks, wearing braids, sewing in weaves or rockin the perm.
I've always loved the look of locks. Freeform locs are actually my favorite and I wished that I could've grown them.  My parents thought they were horrible ( when I was in high school) and my then boyfriend at the time(now my husband), didn't want to see them on me. Eventually at 23 yrs old, I decided to grow out my perm and I haven't looked back.

This natural journey should be a time of getting to know you're hair (if you're a newbie) and a time to nourish not only your hair, but your mind, body and spirit. So, don't keep fretting over how fast my hair is or isn't growing. It might be easy for me to say because I'm known for cutting my hair a lot. I seriously have a problem. My hair is very thick and grows pretty fast, but my hands always get real itchy when my hair gets past shoulder length, and then it gets cut to ear length.

So, I don't have a problem with patience with hair growth, but gardening is a different story.

Do you have patience when trying to grow out your hair? If not, why and why did you go natural?

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