Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Winter Hair Care

Moisturize DailyA few days ago I read an article over at by Afrobella about winter hair care and I decided to check out some of the ideas. As we all know winter is a very dry time of the year and our skin and hair can become extremely dry during this time, but we can alleviate dryness of our hair and skin by moisturizing on a daily basis. Shea butter, olive oil, hair puddings and deep conditioning should really be used during this time to seal in hair moisture.

The article went on to talk about increasing oil treatments and toning down the use of harsh shampoos that can strip moisture from your hair since its job is to cleanse dirt and oil from your hair. If you're using a product that is striping your own natural oils from your hair then you'll have to add that moisture back in with some type of conditioning.

Avoiding glycerin based styling products was another way to avoid dryness during the winter months.They say glycerin absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, but if the air is dry it can drain moisture from your hair, and because of this many naturals avoid the use of glycerin during the winter time because its moisture draining.Personally I can't speak on this one,but I might give it a try sometime over the winter.

 The basics of cold weather hair care is moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize! Moisturize externally, but don't forget to moisturize internally too! Make sure you're drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, I personally try to drink half of my body weight in water a day, to stay hydrated.Water will keep hair healthy and help stimulate growth.Also,don't forget to maintain a good diet that includes protein,dark green vegetables,and omega 3's like:salmon, shellfish,and nuts.

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Oh yeah, don't forget to  protect your tresses from the cold temperatures and wind by investing in a good satin lined knit cap or you could by a satin cap to wear underneath your knit cap. Once want to keep that moisture in your hair and wind and cold can strip moisture from your hair.

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