Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Women, Farming and Art

Yesterday as I turned through my Oprah magazine, I noticed a small article about a woman named Marji Guyler-Alaniz, she's the photographer and  founder of the website  She wanted to photograph the strength of the women on farms and the beauty of working the land.  In my opinion, she has done a fantastic job turning everyday farm life into a work of art.

I'm not a woman farmer, but I am a home gardener and even though my little hobby isn't on the scale of what these women farmers do on a daily basis, I feel that I can relate to these women. These women know that their job isn't fancy, but know the importance of their job as a whole to their families and community. Even though, I'm not providing food or goods and services to a whole community or nation, I help provide some fresh fruits and veggies to our family table, and believe's hard work, but oh so worth it!   

Working the land is hard work, and isn't really a vocation that you find many women jumping into, so for that reason alone, I think I've found a new site to support and follow.


P.S. Keep Growing!!!!!!

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