Sunday, January 3, 2016

Watch Myavana On "The Real"

Interesting Image See the women behind Myavana on The Real on January 4th.

Myavana has really been picking up steam lately, and it's really great to see start up company's, bloggers and youtubers  in any genre that I follow or followed take off, but it's doubly special for me, as a proud natural haired woman for over 15 years now, when it happens to the natural hair community.

I remember when these young ladies were just starting out in 2012 and reading all their business ideas and concepts, and thinking....what a great idea! But also thinking, would it work and would people pay a membership fee for this concept, when they can go onto youtube and watch a video.

One thing any hairdresser or youtube hairstylist knows is: products work differently on different types of hair, and Myavana  helps women find the right hair products specifically for them, through a hair analysis, and a tremendous online community that's taking of.

So please set your DVR's to watch and learn more about these ladies and their company. 

Girl Power!!!

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