Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Beginnings

I'm back, just moved into a new place and what a whirlwind of an adventure my family and I have been on. Well, not really an adventure, adventure.

But that's how I'm choosing to look at the situation.   See at the end of January, we were informed that we would have to move out of the house that we lived in for almost 10 years(June 8th would've made 10 years). A home that technically wasn't ours because we were renters, but became ours over the years. A place where my children have done so much of their growing up in. In fact, we moved in on my youngest son's third birthday. I remember the day well, we sang happy birthday, ate cake and ice cream and then loaded up our car, van and a friend's utility truck with our belongings and made the short  trek-- two streets over, to our new home. 
Our new home was a bit smaller than the previous home square footage wise. We lost a bathroom,but we gained larger bedrooms which was a tremendous plus-with three girls sharing a bedroom. This new home became the home where so many birthdays, holidays and many other family memories occurred. A place where I taught myself and my children to garden. Well, to be honest not all of my kids were into gardening, but I can say, I gave them the foundation and who knows, maybe one of my non-gardening kids will pick up a spade  and grow a little piece of freedom of their own one day.

 As I sit in our new home, I'm reminded of all of the new family memories to be made and the new gardening adventures to come!

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