Saturday, November 10, 2018

Adventures in the Garden

Earlier in the week, I spoke about planting cloves of garlic--23 to be specific, and today
I want to show more pictures of my time in the garden last weekend.
This is the area where I’ve decided to grow my garlic along with tulips--I want to
purchase tulips in the next two weeks to be able to plant the tulip bulbs in December.

This is in my front yard and is home to some lovely Canna Lilies. The canna lilies
were planted by the former occupants of the home and brought a nice pop of
color to the yard, however, my husband didn’t care for them, and thought it was a bit
much,and not to mention some of them didn’t bloom very well.

Personally, they needed to be fed and nourished with compost and compost tea, but at
that time I couldn’t focus on yard work---I had to focus on finding work and helping my
family out--well, that’s another story, but it does play a big role in me not being able to
focus on gardening, too.

Well, three weeks ago, my son and I dug up many of the calla lilies to make room for tulips
and a bit of garlic--I know….what a weird combination---I wanted to make it a majority tulip area,
but I have limited space to garden since we moved into the new house, and I just didn’t feel
complete as a gardener, last year-after harvesting garlic for eight straight years.

After clearing out the area, I filled the area with compost. Wish I had some pictures of the
compost and how different the area looked when it was added.

After compost is added to any garden many great creepy crawlies will be moving around in the
garden, and this is one shot of the many bugs seen in my garden.
Here’s another picture of the garden area---see that beautiful compost and that whole peanut shell
that didn’t breakdown.

This is a week after clearing out the garden area, and there’s tons of tomato seedlings that have
sprouted. Really wish I could make the distinction between all of the seedlings because
I would like to grow some to sell, too.
Gardening last weekend was a big success and I was able to get my garlic planted, Yay!!

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