Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Layering the Compost

yesterday I wanted to get outside to layer the compost bin, so I added a fresh layer of egg shells, some wilted mustard greens..last week my daughter added a bag of veggies and layer of leaves last week. So, it's my turn to add a few layers............

needed some soil, got at least three shovelfuls from the yard. The soil will add some earthworms to the compost bin.

The soil looks good, I probably could of covered the veggies a bit more, but I think this will do.

Last but not least, I topped off my layering with leaves and then lightly watered the top. 

I think the compost is looking nice, and I hope to increase my production of compost this year. Last year being my first year composting in a bin was a great learning experience for me--I still prefer having an open compost pile, but just didn't have the right space/area at our new house.

Do you prefer to compost in a bin, open pile or do you purchase your compost?

Keep Growing, Y'all😊

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