Sunday, June 2, 2019

Who Could It Be?

Finally I had to come to terms with the fact that this blueberry plant is dead and can't be saved. Probably held on a lot longer than I should have, but hey---I can believe, can't I? 

Well, last month while doing yard work I noticed that the blueberry plant was missing. Actually, my first thought was my mind was playing tricks on me, you know, maybe my blood sugar was low or something---ummmm, no....the freakin plant was actually dug up and laying on top of the area I planted it. 

Don't know what dug it up--but I'm seriously coming to the conclusion that a racoon probably did the deed. 

Last year, we had a whole family of raccoons living in our attic and earlier in the spring, one made rummaging through our garbage can a nightly affair. After securing our garbage lids to where the raccoon(s) couldn't open it--we chose to place a heavy container on top of the lid, however, you can use some rope to tie the lid shut, and keep them out of the can. 

Another simple way to keep raccoons out of your garbage cans is to spray the inside of the cans with peppermint oil--I personally would probably spray the outside, too, and the smell will keep them away. 

When I used to live at my other house, I used to grow peppermint all the time, it's a shame I haven't planted any since moving. But again, I don't know if a raccoon dug up the blueberry plant or not, but it is high on the suspect list. 

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