Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hey Avocado

You probably can't tell this is a photo of an avocado seed that has split. I absolutely forgot about it, even though it's sitting on my kitchen windowsill--you were almost tossed, buddy. 

I've grown an avocado plant in the past and have never had to wait so long to see any progress/growth. Shoot its been so long, I don't exactly remember when I started on this project....I want to say it was late April/early May--I'm going to run with that. 

For probably two months I never saw any progress with the seed, so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or maybe a change of location was needed. 

Even though I suspected the seed might need a change of location, I never moved the plant, more so out of my frustration with the nonprogression of growth.

I needed some time away from my little indoor experiment. So, I stopped adding fresh water to the jar and just let the seed be...until I was ready to move an olive jar containing water and the top half of a water bottle (top half turned upside down) sitting inside of said, jar. 

Seriously, not a good look to have in a kitchen, but it can still be a great conversation starter. 

Now that the development is so obvious, I think it can stay.


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