Thursday, September 24, 2020

30 Cloves and Counting

It's fall, y'all and that means: time to plant some garlic!! Garlic is such a staple in my garden. I've been gardening for a little over 13 years now and for nine years straight, I always found space to plant a few cloves, every year, and every year more and more cloves were planted. Before my family and I moved into the house we're in now, I think the most garlic I've ever planted and harvested was sixty.

Last gardening season marked the end of a streak of these hands meticulously breaking down garlic bulbs searching for the biggest cloves from each bulb to plant. Yup, there wouldn't be a 10th Anniversary planting to celebrate simply because I couldn't find anywhere to plant them in time, and when I finally decided to plant a few, I felt it was too late-weather wise.

I really missed having garlic in the garden and won't be missing out this year.After harvesting the corn and some of the sunflowers, this area become the perfect spot to start planting.

The plan is to slowly clear off more space as the rest of the sunflowers are pulled up, so
garlic goes in. Right now, thirty cloves have been planted and who knows how many more to come.....hopefully 100!!

We'll see.

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