Monday, September 1, 2014

Oh Onions

It's late summer, and I'm enjoying the bounty of tomatoes from the garden, but I've already started planting seeds for my fall garden. Yes, I live in the A.T.L.,but it's time to start planting that fall garden while still harvesting your summer crops.

This year my excitement can't be contained because I'm growing a new vegetable this fall........ Onions!! The reason for so much jubilation, you might ask. Well, I rarely step out of my comfort zone when it comes to fall gardening, and in fact, I don't think growing onions is really outside of my comfort zone since it's similar to growing garlic and leeks,but it's the first new thing I've ever grown in my fall garden in years.

Wooohooo!!! I'm growing onions, I'm growing onions!! I'm growing onions, I'm....growing, okay let me stop!

This summer has been a true learning experience on how to select the right onions for where I live, who knew there were different classes of onions, I didn't, did you?

The two classes are long-day and short-day onions, and if you're a Northern gardener then the long-day variety is perfect for you and your garden since Northern areas have long summer days. Bulbs form on most onions when temperatures and the length of sunlight has been reached, and since the opposite is true for short-day onions then it is well suited for the Southern gardener.

Honestly, I almost bought a long-day variety because they all seemed so appealing to me, but decided to go with the short-day instead. This really isn't the time to be a garden rebel and besides, I'm on a tight budget and  I don't have money to waste on a garden experiment.

After many hours of searching for the right onion to plant for my garden and household, I decided on the Violet de Galmi,Onion a flat, pinkish-purple thick bulb short day, that apparently keeps well. Please continue to follow my journey through the growing process. Will I get bulbs or not...that is the question!

Happy Gardening :)


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