Monday, September 29, 2014

Photos: APS trial: Day One....Are You Following the Trial

Photos: APS trial: Day One 

Are you following this story? I know the story has been a national story, but how many people outside of Atlanta will be following this story?

Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall and all the teachers involved have basically cheated many school children out of an education, for bonuses, and that really sickens me.Because of greed, APS(Atlanta Public Schools) administrators and teachers were willing to play a hand at keeping many of APS children uneducated

and impoverished.....for a nice pay day.  

The has always been my go to for local news, but with this trial coverage, I'll definitely be following the play by play of this whole trial. If you're following the story please follow along with me as I blog about this and my gardening adventures too.


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