Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Calling for Good Vibes

Calling for your prayers and just good vibes today,my husband is in the ICU observation area at Emory and even though he's laughing and in good spirits....still send those good vibes our way.  My husband has been having heart palpitations for a year and a half now,and all his test results have been find,but his cardiologist felt like he needed a particular procedure last year,but our insurance company said they wouldn't pay for it. Now fast forward to today and now my husband has been diagnosed with Arterial Flutter. His cardiologist just left out of here and he said my husband is extremely lucky that he didn't have a stroke. Lucky and blessed are the words of the day for this wife. Tomorrow he'll have a Catheter Ablation procedure done,now I have to go because my phone is blowing up.

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