Monday, May 30, 2016

I Failed

Okay, you know how on Friday I said, how excited I was for summer break to be here, and how I was going to sit on my couch for two days just eating, watching TV and sleeping.  Well, I failed. I failed at giving myself two days of nothingness and slothfulness.

Instead I spent countless early morning hours tending to my garden. I pulled weeds, planted seeds, watered and turned the compost and harvested some garlic, beet greens, and lemon balm. Then I spent my afternoon hours washing and drying my harvest.

Since I didn't let my garlic sit out and I wanted to use it immediately, I chopped up the garlic to put in a small jar in the refrigerator to use for some meals later in the week. The beet greens were used to compliment the Italian sub sandwiches the family will be enjoying this week. They will also be used as salad greens too. The lemon balm was separated into two groups. One group was dried and will be used for tea and the other group was used to make pesto.

See how much I failed and this was the first day of my supposedly lazy/reboot two day experience, and I couldn't even start my day on the couch for a couple of hours, doing nothing. Maybe day two will be a lazy day in the house?

Well, guess again, it started with a morning of  baking. I made two batches of sub rolls and two large trays of biscuits. When I start baking, sometimes I can't stop. I started to make pizza dough, but decided not to and decided to focus on cleaning and organizing the kitchen.

I eventually sat down and watched a little bit of TV, but I realized I failed at being lazy for two days. However, I felt recharged and energized just doing the simple things that I enjoy, like: gardening and baking. I guess all I really needed and wanted was being able to do things on my own time and I got it, so I guess it truly is a mission accomplished.

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