Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tasty Tuesday: Beautiful Basil

After being away from the garden because of some much needed rain, I'm clipping some basil.

Got to keep this stuff clipped down, so it doesn't start to flower. Believe me, I don't mind the endless clipping, either!

The other day, I couldn't figure out, how I wanted to use the basil I harvested. Do I want to make a big batch of pesto? Will I use fresh basil as a topping for pizza or use some fresh for the sauce?

I've got it....I'm drying some basil!! I'm drying because my usual stash in the pantry, is nonexistent.

Seriously, there's nothing like having a large stash of dried basil or pesto to season your palate, and ease your budget during the fall and winter months. Let's face it, basil is a bit pricey after the summer has passed, so harvesting and putting away is a tremendous help.

Well, I'm off....I've got some drying and storing to do.

But before you leave, checkout some of my basil plants.

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