Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Sunflowers

 Found this picture of some of my sunflowers. Sorry for the glaring sunlight in the image, but I really like this photo because this growing season has been and still is, pretty brutal. and these little beauties really struggled this year.
The drought and extreme conditions that the Atlanta area experienced this year was truly brutal for gardeners and farmers. That was the beginning of the growing season and then in the middle of summer, the rain gods showered us with an abundance of rain.
After quenching my plants and vegetables thirst, my sunflowers and other veggies started to grow and some things died off.....yeah, I'm talking about you....pumpkins and that powdery mildew you caught, but that's another story for another day.
 The remaining sunflowers eventually got a bit stronger as the dull leaves started to fall of and the flowers began to transform into a heavenly sight of bright yellow flowers and lush green leaves, granted it was a lot later in the season, but I'm thankful for the few that made it. They brought a  little sunshine to the garden.  

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