Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Whirlwind of a Day

My daughter and I had our hearts set on getting one or two logs from a yard a few streets over. When we made it to the hose with the logs, I went up to the front door and rung the bell, a man came to the door and after I asked if the logs were available, he said, y'all can have them, y'all are helping me out. I told him thank you. While I was saying thank you, he was worried that the logs were to heavy for us, but I told him that, we'll figure something out. 

Since we were walking and only had a small cart with us, we could only pick up one or two logs. After spending a few minutes trying to maneuver the smallest log into our cart....we knew this wasn't going to work. The log was a tad too wide for transport, and the disappointment set in, but our brains were churning and all our contacts with a truck or SUV were coming to the surface as we headed back home---my daughter notices a dog not on a leash in a driveway(I never saw the dog), she told me to turn around, and I did. 

We took the other route home--my daughter looked back quickly and the dog was a bit closer to us, she wanted to look back again, but I told her not to, and just look straight ahead,and pick up the pace.  

As we were speed walking, I noticed a log on the ground as I was about to pass it, so I mention it to my daughter and she glances back--and no dog. 

We pick up the log and place it in the cart---perfect fit and we head home. 

Now we have at least one log to start mushrooms on. 

Today has been a real whirlwind,we started our day hyped about some other logs, and then hit a bit of disappointment when log(s) couldn't be moved, and then instant nervousness and slight fear with the dog situation and back to happiness and excitement when finding the other log. 

 Whew! What a day and shout out to that random dog, too, without you, we wouldn't have found that log! 

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