Monday, July 15, 2019

Missing Moments

The coolest things always seem to happen in my garden when I don't have my phone. 

A few days ago, while turning the compost a huge butterfly almost landed on my, I know I was never going to capture that shot unless someone else took that picture, but the butterfly stayed around for a bit...flying from the hydrangeas to the sunflowers and swirling throughout the garden. 

So, that was one event, and another time was the other day when a dragonfly made a rest stop on a tomatillo plant. 

Guys, I love being in the garden without my phone and just being immersed in the smells, the sights, and the gardening chores, but I must admit....sometimes, it bothers me when I miss beautiful shots or moments. 

Maybe I should set aside one day a week or once a month only for taking pictures in the garden. Do you set aside photography only time/days for your garden? 

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