Monday, November 18, 2019

A Place to Compost

The excitement is real over here...I almost have two completely full compost bins and I can't contain myself. 
As someone used to composting in the open, I've learned so much about composting in a container over the past two years(maybe that'll be a post in the future), and believe me I really didn't want to use the bins, but the home we live in now doesn't have the right amount of sunlight in the  backyard where I wanted to put the compost pile. 
So, the front yard was the better place to create compost....and I would be able to create it fast with the abundance of light, and it could be turned with a little work from my family and me turning the bins manually, weekly(sometimes twice a week), and everything can stay nice and tidy, even though, my husband thinks those bins are an eyesore in the driveway, I think they're awesome and great conversation starters! Maybe I could paint them or add some pizzazz to them, but that wasn't  my first goal when I went with the bins...
I just wanted a place to make compost.....
...mission accomplished! 

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