Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Building My Dreams

As the title states, this isn't a gardening post at all. My intentions with this post is to highlight a free program that I'm participating in, 'The Best Decade Ever' the course is being taught by life coach, Mel Robbins, yes that Mel Robbins, best selling author, phenomenal public speaker and new daytime talk show host.
When I tell you that this woman and course is out of this world amazing---Mel's a complete inspiration, supporter and teacher.
This course is making me really think about my dreams and how to break them down into smaller goals. Honestly, this isn't where my struggle(s) manifest; dreaming and setting goals have never been a problem for me.
My issues are as follows: waiting for the perfect time to start(this can keep me from starting or slows me down with my goals) 2. the biggie...still allowing negative thoughts from my childhood play in my head, and for me...the statements of your too silly, girls don't act, say or do that...so basically, not being able to fully be my authentic self because I allowed some family members views and perspectives to stunt my true personality and voice--grant it, I was a child, but it has had a tremendous impact on my life and building personal relationships.
This course has given me the opportunity to not only dream big and break these dreams down, but it has also pushed me to go inward to find the things that might be holding me back from accomplishing my dreams--and I definitely did!
If you're looking to jumpstart your dreams, I highly recommend giving, The Best Decade Ever a try, and sign up for the private Facebook group. I joined the group to find my voice once again--it's week 3,and I've been able to set some firm boundaries in my life, in order to reach my goal for 2020, and future goals beyond.

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