Thursday, January 16, 2020

Kickoff to my 2020 Garden

So, I've finally got myself a little bit organized and after going through an array of new seed packets and tossing empty ones away, I thought to myself, Why not gradually jump start the season with the peppers instead of the tomatoes, since the peppers take a bit longer to get started than tomatoes.

I decided to go with some sweet peppers and jalapenos. Oh, quick shout out to my friend,Carla. She gave me the Cubanelle Peppers last summer and I purchased the jalapeno seeds over at Amazon from, The Seed Plant. This isn't an affiliate post at all,and with that being said,if you're looking for some affordable seeds then head over to The Seed Plant, actually I believe you can find them under the name of Seed and Plant, but if that doesn't work just type in The Seed Plant. Their seeds are Non-GMO, affordable, and did I mention FREE Shipping---when I saw the latter, I was completely sold...who can beat that? Not too many people,lol. If you're looking for some seeds at a good price, head on over there.
Now, getting back on track, honestly I probably should've started the eggplants first since germination takes the longest for them--out of all the seeds I have. But I wanted to have at least two more varieties to grow along with the Thai Purple eggplants. I really like to grow heirlooms, so I'm going for a black beauty and one other heirloom. I'm trying to decide from Ping Tong or the Rosa Bianca. What would you recommend, or are there others you would recommend?
Well, the season is still early and I'll have time to get the eggplants going real soon, but hey, I went with the peppers and now here we are...the first seeds to be planted for the 2020 garden.
Have you started your seeds, yet, and if so, what?

Keep Growing, y'all!
Peace and Love,

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