Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Bringing the Pollinators

Added a little pop of color around the mailbox. Yellow is my favorite color and I love looking out my bedroom window seeing the marigolds, and since it's been more than two weeks since I planted them, I've seen some growth and more blossoms, and I can't forget...the butterflies!
The marigolds were bought at Ace Hardware, and I also put some seeds out to bring some more pollinators to my yard. I actually have a seed packet called the pollinator blend, and it consists of Echinacea, Cosmos, Tickweed, Blazing Star, Scarlet Sage, and Black-Eyed Susan. This will be my first time trying to grow all of these flowers, except Cosmos.
Cosmos are tall and very colorful and don't require a lot of upkeep--perfect for a gardener like me. I love simplicity, lots of color, and bringing pollinators to my yard.

Peace and Love :)


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