Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Thinning

Late Tuesday evening I finally took the time to thin out/ space out these Shin Kuroda carrots----the tops look nice, don't they?
Yeah, they look nice and healthy, and are coming in very well;however, if I want nice root development, I'll need to space out the seedlings, some. This job can be very time consuming, but so worth it in the long run.
The picture above is what I started with and these are the the seedlings that I took out, and many of them
were re-planted to other parts of the garden because their roots were long and intact. I only discarded five seedlings with broken or weak looking roots. I could have easily put these five seedlings into a salad, but honestly, after hours of thinning and re-planting, I didn't feel up to making a salad(I usually make large salads, too)...I just wanted something quick, so I opted for the vegetable soup that I made earlier in the day.

After thinning, this is how the
container looks, now. Still a little closeness, but still room to grow and develop. It's recommended that thinning should be 1 - 3" apart, and I think I'm good.

Here's an area in my garden where the other seedlings were planted.
Since carrots are companions to brussel sprouts and tomatoes, the seedlings will have a new home around both companions. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of the tomatoes, but you get the idea. The seedlings will be planted around the brussel sprouts and tomatoes to help aid each other from any pests.

Here's the picture of the carrots nestled in between the brussel sprouts.

Now they have some space, and I carry so much pride and satisfaction, that I didn't destroy too many roots along the way.

Happy Gardening 😊

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