Saturday, February 21, 2015

Starting Spinach

In between binge watching movies (I'm trying to watch some of the movies nominated for Oscars),doing laundry(The Never Ending Story),and checking emails....I've found a little time to find containers/cups,punch holes in the bottom of the containers,fill containers with seed starting mix and spinach seeds. Check my pictures out below. After I cover the other seeds and water,I'll have to figure out where to place everything. There's still room in my kitchen,but my issue is...should I start the spinach in the kitchen or should I start them in the basement? I've personally started spinach in the basement before and it did much better in the basement than the kitchen;however, with all this cold weather the Atlanta area is experiencing as of late,I don't know if it's safe to put the seedlings in the basement. I'll let you know what've decided in my next post. I've got to get back to binge watching these movies. Until next time...Happy Gardening!

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