Friday, April 17, 2015

Home Grown Food Summit Talk Part 2

Yesterday, I told you about the wonderful work that Brad Lancaster is doing about educating people and communities about harvesting rainwater. Brad was one of my favorite speakers. He spoke mostly about gardening without irrigation, how to look toward nature to get ideas of how to care for your plants, and he peaked my interest in hugelkultur, a German word for raised bed. Just like Mr. Lancaster's presentation pulled me in about gardening without irrigation, John Jeavons' did the same with his Bio-Intensive gardening presentation, however, it wasn't actually the system that drew me in, it was the revelation of soil loss do to modern agricultural practices world wide, and if we don't change our practices now, the Earth will become less farmable over the years. Bio-Intensive gardening isn't a new gardening technique, it is an ancient practice that's slowing finding its way back to the people. Until Next Time, Keep Growing

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