Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We Have Ice

Yesterday our brand new refrigerator was delivered to us and the whole household is still beaming with excitement! My kids even got excited that it didn't take hours or overnight for the refrigerator to make ice. Bear with me, I can't contain my joy either and when you're a family of any size no one wants to throw out any food, but when you have a large family,finding ways to stretch the family budget is extremely important, and cutting food cost is highly important. Over the past three weeks we have lost about 30 lbs of food because of our old refrigerator.
Here is a photo of my freezer an hour before the delivery guys took it away.As you can see, we have our milk in the freezer(we store our milk in the freezer whenever we stock up anyways)because it doesn't spoil up there, so we had to keep all our dairy products in the freezer. The freezer was our saving grace for months while the rest of the refrigerator was  fluctuating between cold and warm ,we could always depend on the freezer to be consistently cold. However, in the past three weeks the freezer has become inconsistent too and because of the inconsistency I really couldn't stock up on meats,milk or anything else that needed refrigeration that was on sale. We became limited in the amount of groceries that we could buy at a time and I couldn't freeze and put away homemade broths, soups, greens, or any leftovers.
Now I can do those things again! Stock up, Freeze,and Save Money! Woo-HOO!!!!
Here,  I packed the rest of the meat in a small cooler with ice until the new refrigerator made it home. I'm so thankful that we didn't lose anymore meat before the new frig came. 

The new frig finally made it to our house and guess was taller than we expected and we thought it wouldn't fit underneath our top cabinet, and I suggested maybe switch the washing machine and refrigerator around, but one of the delivery guys thought he could lift the cabinet a little bit for a tight fit. Well, he lifted the cabinet and pushed the refrigerator right in place, and now we have a new refrigerator,cold food, and freezer that actually keeps our food completely frozen----and oh yeah, we have ice!!!

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