Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Should We Stay or Should We Go

It's Spring Break for my four younger children and we don't have any plans for the week,but I've thought about trying to get out and enjoy a park or nature center. I would really like to attend the Chattahoochee Nature Center,but the center would require us to have a car to get to. We could take the train and bus,but the bus only goes so far,and a taxi is needed for the rest of the trip. So, because if this fact, I've been looking into going to the Dunwoody Nature Center. Dunwoody's Center is on the bus line, and this would be a great adventure for myself and the kids. My kids don't get to travel to the north side of the city that often anymore, since we don't have a car right now.  

Now that I've picked out what nature center to attend,I find out that our weekly forecast could be rain filled. Rain isn't expected all day long,but when I'm traveling across town,I dont want to get caught in a heavy storm and have to wait our trip out.

I just don't know what to do, do I take a chance and just go, or should we just stay close to home and hang out at the nature park down the street,and pack a pinic,play baseball or throw a Frisbee around for a few hours?

Well, whatever we decide, we'll have fun and that's all that matters!

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