Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Hummus and Kale Wrap

Today's Tasty Tuesday Treat Is.....A Hummus and Kale Wrap. This is an absolutely delicious wrap.  I also like to call this my clean out the fridge wrap or the leftover wrap because a lot of the things pictured in the photo are leftovers.
My Ingredients
Burrito wrap
Leftover sautéed Kale cooked with garlic
sour cream (not in photo, but I did add it after I took the picture)
grilled onions
sliced tomatoes 
You can use the ingredients that I used or you can just mix up your ingredients. Fill up your wrap as much as you want(just give yourself enough room to be able to roll your wrap up).
Oh, before I forget...I'm going to share a little secret with you about how I cooked the Kale. You don't have to cook it this way, but my husband couldn't get enough of this Kale when I could it this particular way. Are you ready?
Well....here goes....I sautéed the Kale and garlic with the leftover fat from hamburgers that we cooked two days earlier. I sometimes skim the leftover fat from the meat to help save on buying olive oil all the time( I bake a lot and use a lot of olive oil and butter) and also to bring some rich flavors to food from time to time.
That was my little secret about the sautéed kale in the photo, but I hope you enjoy today's recipe.
Have a delicious Tuesday and always remember to keep growing!

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