Thursday, September 24, 2015


A few weeks back, I shared a post called "A Tale of Two Pumpkins." I  showed the difference between one pumpkin that was struggling with powdery mildew and another pumpkin that wasn't being crippled with any disease or fungus.
In that post you could see the tremendous difference between the two plants, the powdery mildew suffering plant was losing leaves and beginning to look a little shriveled up. I seriously thought about pulling the plant up and just discarding it, but I wanted to see if it could be saved. So, I made a mixture of baking soda, olive oil, and water to see if I could save the plant.
When I started using the mixture, it actually didn't seem like it was working, but eventually I finally got some new growth and the plant looks a lot healthier. Now the real issue is, it's so late in the gardening season that I probably won't be getting any pumpkins from this plant.
The "healthy" pumpkin plant 
It's pretty safe to say, that I probably won't get any pumpkins this year because my "healthy" plant that had flower buds on it and all--had a broken stem. I tried to save the plant, by trying to make a splint with a pencil and piece of stretchy orange cloth...but I don't think it worked. 
The last two pictures show what my "healthy" plant looks like now.
Yes looks like, I won't get pumpkins from this plant either, so this gardening project gets a big fat Fail.
That's okay, I'll have better luck next year and more growing time too.
The break/bend in the healthy plant
My attempt to make a splint

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